Alan Sage

PhD (University of Bristol)

Alan now works for Renishaw plc.

  • Reaction Dynamics
  • Photodissociation Dynamics

Relevant publication(s)

nσ* and πσ* excited states in aryl halide photochemistry: a comprehensive study of the UV photodissociation dynamics of iodobenzene, A.G. Sage, T.A.A. Oliver, D. Murdock, M.B. Crow, G.A.D. Ritchie, J.N. Harvey and M.N.R. Ashfold, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 13 (2011) 8075

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UV photodissociation of N-methylpyrrole: The role of 1πσ* states in non-hydride heteroaromatic systems, A.G. Sage, M.G.D. Nix and M.N.R. Ashfold, Chem. Phys., 347 (2008) 300