Research Activities

The panels below provide details of our various areas of research. The Bristol group operates a range of experiments using femtosecond, nanosecond and continuous wave laser systems. We work closely with other groups at Bristol studying theoretical chemical dynamics, atmospheric chemistry, aerosol science, and the growth and applications of thin film diamond. We also collaborate with research teams in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA, Canada, Russia and Japan, and make use of the Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

We have close ties with colleagues in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Oxford through the EPSRC Programme Grant "Chemical Applications of Velocity and Spatial Map Imaging". Further information can be found at the project website .

Two-Dimensional Optical Spectroscopy

Two-dimensional ultrafast spectroscopy in the IR, visible and UV spectral regions reveals the couplings between different degrees of freedom in molecules and materials.


Reaction Dynamics

Fundamental studies of the mechanisms of chemical reactions in the gas phase and in liquids.


Photodissociation Dynamics

Fundamental studies of the dynamics of fragmentation of molecules following absorption of ultraviolet light.


Ultrafast Dynamics

Reaction and photodissociation dynamics in liquids on femtosecond to picosecond timescales.


Laser Spectroscopy and PGOPHER

High-resolution electronic spectroscopy and analysis of molecular spectra using the PGOPHER program.


Atmospheric Chemistry

Atmospheric photochemistry and kinetics, and sensing of trace atmospheric gases.


Diamond Chemical Vapour Deposition

Mechanisms of growth of thin films of diamond and related materials using plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition.


Laser Ablation and Nanostructures

Growth of thin films of nanostructured materials by deposition from plumes ablated from a sample by UV laser pulses.