Download: KOALA v1_1 (zip file that includes Executable*, source code, and user manual)

*The free LABview2013 Runtime Engine  is required to run KOALA.exe on your computer if you do not have LABview 2013 installed

Original Article:  KOALA:  A program for the processing and decomposition of transient spectra


-Realtime baseline correction, negative-time subtraction, wavelength calibration, and chirp correction
-Decomposition of overlapped spectral features using standard basis functions or custom spectral profiles;  decomposition of non-linear components that shift or broaden in time (for Gaussian or Lorentziancomponents only)
-Realtime extraction and fitting of kinetic traces with exponential/biexponential functions convoluted with a Gaussian instrument response function

The KOALA program and source code are available free of charge, and may be modified or redistributed by the user.  No software derived from KOALA may be sold for profit.  The authors request that the original article is referenced in all publications which make use of the KOALA program or programs derived from its source code.

M.P. Grubb, A.J. Orr-Ewing and M.N.R. Ashfold, Rev. Sci. Instrumen. 85 064104 (2014). DOI: 10.1063/1.4884516



Download: Slimer (zip file that includes Executable* and source code)

*The free LABview2013 Runtime Engine  is required to run Slimer.exe on your computer if you do not have LABview 2013 installed

-Fast analysis of sliced Velocity Map Ion Images
-Complete or partial radial and angular plots
-Anisotropy parameter determinization


The PGOPHER spectral simulation program is available from

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