TJ Preston

PhD (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

TJ is now working at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) near Oslo in Norway.

  • Reaction Dynamics
  • Photodissociation Dynamics
  • Ultrafast Dynamics


TJ comes to Bristol from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There he worked with Professor Fleming Crim (currently devoting time and effort at the NSF), earning his PhD in condensed-phase reaction dynamics. Here at Bristol, TJ is honing his gas-phase dynamics skills. His current research efforts include imaging bimolecular reactions in the gas-phase, running quasi-classical reaction simulations, and bridging the great gas-liquid reaction dynamics divide.

Teaching and Service

TJ quickly stepped in to fill multiple roles within the group and the School of Chemistry. He helps organise seminars given by both Bristolians and visitors, and chairs a session at the annual Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group meeting (2013, 2014). He takes an active teaching role in several areas: leading tutorials for Chemistry 1X (Introductory Chemistry) and Chemistry 1Z (Chemistry for Physical Scientists), helping out in workshops for Advanced Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (with Prof. Orr-Ewing and Dr. Western), and providing guest lectures and general assistance in Chemistry 1M (Mathematical Skills for Chemists). He has served as mentor for first-year honours (UW), third-year undergraduate (UoB), fourth-year Master’s (UoB) and graduate (UW and UoB) research projects. TJ is also the postdoc representative to the School Postgraduate Staff-Student Consultative Committee (Chaired by Prof. Neil Allan).

Collaborators and Mentors:

François Amar (University of Maine)

Fleming Crim (UW-Madison)

Scott Kable (University of New South Wales)

Scott Reid (Marquette)

Saulo Vázquez (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)

PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Bachelor of Science (Highest Honors), University of Maine, USA

Chemical reaction dynamics

Reactions influencing the environment

Chemistry education; the lab as a teaching tool

Relevant publication(s)

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